So many books, so little time! That's the feeling I get when I'm browsing on Goodreads or my favorite local bookshop looking for my next book. 

You can't beat the classics -- even if the last time you read something by Edgar Allan Poe, Harper Lee or Jane Austen was in your high school English class -- revisit Pride and Prejudice or To Kill a Mockingbird now and you'll understand it and appreciate it all the more.

Sometimes, though, you just need a good "beach read" (even if you're not at the beach). If your go-to is suspense, mystery, or thrillers -- I've got some great recommendations! If you can't hold back from a good chick lit romance -- I'm with you -- I love me a bodice-ripping good time, especially historical or fantasy romances. 

Oh, and I can really get into some of the YA books. Yeah, I admit it. I'm a grown adult who reads John Green, Veronica Roth, Cassandra Clare and Rainbow Rowell, to name a few favorites.

 And am I a Potterhead? You bet --straight outta Ravenclaw. (I see that eyeroll. I'm an unapologetic book nerd :-)

Some of my recent favorite books are psychological thrillers -- who doesn't love following the journey of a twisted mind? Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn was disturbing, but in a good way. 

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What do you like to read? Read any good books lately? Check back for updates!!