Anyone else obsessed with using a planner? I don't what it is about January, but at the beginning of every year, I always set up my new planner for the year. It's a labor of love. Whether you create your own planner, or buy one pre-printed (and there are so many great Etsy shops that offer printed planners!) there is no better way to get organized and stay organized. Apps and the calendar on your phone are great, too (I would be lost without Google calendar) but for keeping it all together, you just can't beat a planner.

Adding motivational reminders is optional but recommended. You can include fitness goals, reminders, ideas, dreams, or just homework, playdates, dentist appointments and grocery lists. It's your own special space to create and no matter how it looks -- obsessively neat or perfectly messy -- both are fine -- it's the best way to start off the New Year.