Do you sometimes get the idea that everyone on social media is on vacation except you? I know, right??  Spectacular sunsets, amazing beaches, incredible skylines, fabulous hotels....and you can't help but wonder, as you scroll through, when is my next adventure going to happen??

I've found that sometimes the best adventures are local adventures -- those Saturday afternoons when you (and maybe a friend, or hey, just your dog) head out to the park.

Seriously, when you see someone's vacay shots on the 'gram, you're seeing the end result of a long flight, many hours of waiting in line, baggage claim, uber rides, takeout food, plus the expense! 

So pack a picnic, grab your dog, and head to your local wilderness for a free (or almost free) afternoon of marveling at the beauty around you. You'll get a workout, you'll be home for dinner, and your dog will thank you.

My best friend on a local adventure!