Everyone should have a bucket list. It's something to daydream about, work toward, and set goals for.

If you're like me, you're not at the point yet in your life where you can just drop everything and take off. You probably have a ton of stuff you need to take care of first (like, oh, raising kids, paying bills, looking after pets, fixing your car...) but making that list costs you nothing and allows you to establish priorities.

Creating a "daydream journal" is a good start. Even if your ideas are far-fetched (motorcycling across Asia! Biking through Europe! Hiking to Alaska!) ... the very act of journaling is a creative, freeing activity. You can "dwell in possibility" -- in the words of Emily Dickinson.

Over time, your daydream journal will become a potpourri of musings, scrapbook, lists, and eventually will be a collage of your hopes and dreams for the future.